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Videos on Marriage from North Carolina Bishops

In North Carolina, citizens will be asked on May 8th to vote on a marriage amendment that would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the state’s Constitution. In anticipation of the marriage amendment vote, both Catholic bishops in North Carolina have produced videos explaining what marriage is and why the marriage amendment matters.

Watch the North Carolina Bishops’ Videos:

Bishop Peter Jugis from Diocese of Charlotte


Bishop Michael Burbidge from Diocese of Raleigh


For more information about the Catholic efforts to defend marriage in North Carolina, see the Catholic Voice NC website.

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  1. Salvador López Llamas says:

    No pude inscribirme en esta excelente herramienta para quienes tener el honor de participar en la preparación de los futuro esposos…gracias por esta maravillosa contribución a la Iglesia.

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