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Sunday Pope Quote: Benedict XVI on the Church's "yes" to marriage

Pope Benedict XVI continues to speak and preach about marriage, giving us ample wise words to reflect on. Today’s Pope Quote comes from a recent papal address (January 19, 2013) given to the participants in the plenary meeting of the pontifical council Cor Unum. In this address, the Holy Father lays out two visions of the human person, and of what brings happiness. In doing so, he shows how intimately connected marriage is with what it means to be human, particularly man’s social nature.

Pope Benedict XVI: “The Christian vision of man is, in fact, a great ‘yes’ to the dignity of persons called to an intimate filial communion of humility and faithfulness. The human being is not a self-sufficient individual nor an anonymous element in the group. Rather he is a unique and unrepeatable person, intrinsically ordered to relationships and sociability. Thus the Church reaffirms her great ‘yes’ to the dignity and beauty of marriage as an expression of the faithful and generous bond between man and woman, and her no to ‘gender’ philosophies, because the reciprocity between male and female is an expression of the beauty of nature willed by the Creator.”

Address (January 19, 2013), emphasis added

2 responses to “Sunday Pope Quote: Benedict XVI on the Church's "yes" to marriage”

  1. me says:

    I say “YES” to dignity, equality, and love. Therefore, I say “YES” to marriage EQUALITY.

  2. Ismail says:

    This was so beautiful! Pope Benedict looks so frail; I hope he stays in good hletah. I hope he’s successful in bringing the Faith back to countries, like Spain, or Ireland, who have largely fallen away. The Pope’s statement that we should not ignore people who need our help is challenging, because mostly we don’t want to get involved, or bothered. Mom

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