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Dr. Morse at Marriage March: "We need to keep talking about the meaning of marriage."

Below is the text of the speech given at the March for Marriage by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., Founder and President of the Ruth Institute. Click here to read Archbishop Cordileone’s speech.


This year was the fortieth anniversary of Roe v Wade.

We are gathered here to send one simple message to the Justices of the Supreme Court: allow the conversation about marriage to continue. Do not try to short circuit the debate over marriage the way Roe v Wade short circuited the debate over life.

We need to keep talking about the meaning of marriage.

This year, over a half million people gathered for the March for Life.

Of course,  the Elites of Washington, can’t be bothered to notice the March for Life. But if they had taken the time to look out their windows, they would have seen that the average Marcher was about 17 years old.  The Life Movement is a youth movement.

Why? Because young people eventually figured out that abortion set aside the interests of children for the convenience of adults.

Eventually, young people will figure out that redefining marriage sets aside the interests of children for the convenience of adults.

If the Court redefines marriage, forty years from now, the young people will be asking us one simple question:  What were you thinking?

Dad, you and your partner were good parents. I love you. But did you really think I would never need a mom?  What were you thinking?

Mom, you and your partner are lovely people. I’m grateful for my life. But the biological connection that was so desperately important to you, did you really think it would never matter to me?  What were you thinking?

But all of us who are here today, all of us who couldn’t be here today but who are cheering us on from home, all of us will be able to tell our children and grandchildren:

We were thinking of you and your peers.

We were there at the very First March for Marriage.

The Marriage Movement isn’t going away, America.

Win, lose or draw at the Supreme Court: the Marriage Movement is here to stay.

Here to keep thinking of the children.

Here to be the conscience of America.

Forty years from now, it will be clear to everyone that Marriage, one man, one woman for life, is the right side of history.

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