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New! Nationwide Bulletin in Spanish: "El Matrimonio y La Corte Suprema"

New from the USCCB: a Spanish translation of the nationwide bulletin insert, “Marriage and the Supreme Court.”

“El Matrimonio y La Corte Suprema”

Like the English bulletin insert, this one-page document is meant for distribution in parishes during May and June, in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s rulings on two marriage cases at the end of June.

If you have Spanish-speaking friends and family, or attend a church with Spanish-speaking parishioners, please share this great resource!

2 responses to “New! Nationwide Bulletin in Spanish: "El Matrimonio y La Corte Suprema"”

  1. Rex Toltschin says:

    Where in the World did you learn Spanish? For goodness Sake, your commitment to demonizing the LGBT population of the world is one thing, but given the number of Spanish Speaking human beings who consider themselves Catholic, you could at least refer to a Tribunal correctly. The ‘To Cut’ Supreme makes no sense. In fact, why don’t you show a bit of Respect to the Secular Nation, the USA and keep your religion in your Church. You’ve truly gone beyond the scope of reason with your rhetorical hatred of the LGBT Community.

    • Marriage Unique for a Reason says:

      Rex, thank you for catching the typo in the blog post (correct in the actual bulletin insert). It has been corrected: “El Matrimonio y La Corte Suprema.”

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