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Video: Archbishop Cordileone's Reaction to Supreme Court Rulings

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone (San Francisco), chairman of the USCCB Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage: “The effect of the Court’s decision is to undermine in the law the principle that children have a right to a mother and a father.”

2 responses to “Video: Archbishop Cordileone's Reaction to Supreme Court Rulings”

  1. Rebecca Cox says:


    Thank you for your recent statements in support of traditional marriage. I will continue to pray that all Christians uphold the teachings of the Church.


  2. Jean says:

    Thank you, Archbishop Cordeleone, for stepping up to the plate! Where have our bishops and priests been for the last five decades? Certainly not proclaiming on morals to their flocks. The chickens have come home to roost.

    We love Pope Francis for proclaiming the importance of ecological stewardship. “Ecology of the human body” is an integral part of this stewardship. So, let us hope that all people, including activists in the arenas of “global warming,” “women’s reproductive rights,” and the redefinition of marriage embrace this ecology of the human body with the same vigor.

    For starters, holistic ecology would mean respect for the need and right of each child to be raised by his mother and father. That would mean recognizing that children thrive when raised within the sanctity of Holy Matrimony. Purposefully denying children this fundamental right places them at a disadvantage in life. Same sex “marriage” and “Pro-choice” are the ultimate child abuse of the innocent and defenseless.

    Holistic ecology means not treating any body – including the human body – as an object. Holistic ecology means not mutilating the delicate balance of the any body with dangerous behaviors, gender-confusing treatments, and drugs — like hormonal contraceptives and steroids — that pollute our human bodies and waterways.

    In these trying times, each and every disciple of Christ can give praise and thanks to God who called all of us — individually and without exception — to be part of His creation for all of eternity. We can pray without ceasing for God’s grace.

    Each and every disciple of Christ can work daily towards respecting and promoting the sanctity between husbands and wives that brings grace to children, families, and society.

    Each and every disciple of Christ can purposefully strive to learn the teachings of the Church so that we can give the Reason for Our Hope when those around us question and persecute us for our beliefs.

    Each and every bishop and priest can take an active role in catechizing Catholics. Please teach us how to live daily in this neo-pagan society.

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