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Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act

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Yesterday, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R- Wyo.) and Representative Mike Kelly (R- Pa) introduced the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act. This Act is meant to protect organizations who provide child welfare services, such as foster care and adoption, when they have convictions that a child should only be placed with a married mother and father.  Currently, a number of organizations are unable to be of service because of their beliefs about marriage.

Three USCCB Chairmen (Archbishops Cordileone, Lori, and Wenski) gave their support to this bill, noting that, “Indeed, women and men who want to place their children for adoption ought to be able to choose from a diversity of adoption agencies, including those that share the parents’ religious beliefs and moral convictions.”

The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference also indicated their support for the Bill, noting, “In 2012, Catholic Charities helped complete over 3,000 adoptions and foster care placements, including permanent homes for over 1,600 special needs or “hard-to-place” children. By allowing a diversity of providers through the Inclusion Act, we will be putting the needs of children first and also protecting the religious liberty of long-serving child welfare providers.”

One response to “Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act”

  1. Maryann Therese Ruelle says:

    Children must not be forced to be raised by gay/lesbian couples. What kind of message does this give the children?
    Marriage is a state that in the past has been, and should continue to be the union of a man and a woman. Biblical teaching tells us that homosexuality is a deviant and sinful behavior. Many gays say they were born with this pre-disposition and I respect that. However, they have no right to force their beliefs that this is acceptable on children because it is not. Persons of faith born with this predisposition, sadly, have one option abstinence.

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