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Made for Love Ep 42: The Power of Music

Do you have a favorite hymn? Do your kids settle down at Mass when they hear the music? On this episode, Bishop Berg of Pueblo, CO and Archbishop Sample of Portland, OR talk about the power of music to raise the soul to contemplate God.

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2 responses to “Made for Love Ep 42: The Power of Music”

  1. Jim Baron says:

    I love this podcast, I subscribe and have listened to many episodes. I’d like to comment on this one though, something said at around the 22:00 minute mark in, about singers being paid. I work as a sound engineer and grapple with this, as often I, and many of my colleagues, are called on to help with services in protestant churches on Sundays. I’ve only ever sold equipment to or helped set up equipment for Catholic churches at other times during the week. We’re not supposed to work on Sundays, right? If it meant serving the Lord, inside my faith, and helping to support my family at the same time, I’d be all for it. But the timing of it seems to go against scripture. Maybe Catholic churches could invest more in music programs that could be paid for set up and rehearsals during the week? Comments?

    • DOM says:

      That’s an interesting question! A lot of us who work for the Church have to work on Sundays, so I think the commandment must be more nuanced than simply “no work on Sunday.” We are to Honor the Lord’s day, which means, first of all, to worship God on Sunday… Just my own thoughts here, not an official response. Anyone else have any ideas? – Sara

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