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Made for Love Ep 45: Hospitality

Catholic families are called to be missionary disciples, reaching out to others with the love of Jesus. How can spouses cultivate hospitality? This episode features Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei of the Sisters of Life, Soren and Ever Johnson of Trinity House, and Anna Hitchings (an Australian!).

Soren and Ever Johnson are the co-founders of the non-profit Trinity House Community and its Trinity House Café in Leesburg, VA, which will celebrate five years of serving the community this October. This fall, the Johnsons are launching a new phase of the ministry “to renew faith and culture by inspiring families to make their homes into a little taste of heaven.” Learn more about how to host “Heaven in Your Home: A Workshop on How to Build a Flourishing Christian Household” at your parish or school.

Anna Hitchings’ blog is Agony and Hope and the original article that brought her into the spotlight (as discussed on the podcast) is: For want of a lot of good men

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One response to “Made for Love Ep 45: Hospitality”

  1. Meg Yates says:

    Many insights and angles to an old, taken for granted virtue illuminating the skills and love needed to bring hospitality to life.

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