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Made for Love Ep 54: Healing After Abortion, Part Two

Andie continues her healing story, and others supplement it; including her sister Maria, the artist Michael Corsini, and the Asst. Director for Project Rachel Ministry Development at the USCCB, Mary McClusky.

Here’s the painting referenced in the episode, done by Michael Corsini:

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2 responses to “Made for Love Ep 54: Healing After Abortion, Part Two”

  1. Peter Perla says:

    What a beautiful painting from such a sad yet beautiful story. As a card carrying curmudgeon I was more than a little shocked when I found these episodes bringing so many tears to my eyes. Tears for the mothers, tears for the children, and tears for all of us who need to pray harder for God to help them.

  2. Ellen Jasinski says:

    Sara, the work you are doing with this podcast is so important and valuable; every time I listen to an episode I wish the whole world could hear. Thank you for this ministry!

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