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Made for Love Ep. 82: Endgame, Marriage Enrichment part 1, and West Side Story

JP DeGance knows how parishes can help married couples stay together. His organization Communio proved it in Jacksonville, where the divorce rate dropped 28%, largely as a result of their work. As part of our ongoing series leading up to National Marriage Week, JP tells us how to enrich marriages, no matter how stable they are, which in turn strengthens the Church. There was definitely a lot to cover, so this is part one of that interview, with the second part coming in our next episode. After that, Kara (along with her baby daughter!) joins to talk about West Side Story, both the 1961 classic and the 2021 Steven Spielberg-directed remake… which might actually be better? Both versions have a bit to say about the call to love; not all of it’s great, but it’s definitely worth reflecting on.

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Endgame: The Church’s Strategic Move to Save Faith and Family in America

National Marriage Week 2022 (February 7-14)

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