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“The family—based on marriage between a man and a woman—is the first and fundamental unit of society and is a sanctuary for the creation and nurturing of children. It should be defended and strengthened, not redefined, undermined, or further distorted. Respect for the family should be reflected in every policy and program.”
– USCCBForming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, no. 46

The USCCB website for the Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense Marriage includes every news release in relation to advocacy or public policy. Visit the USCCB Action Center to stay up-to-date on public policy issues, join our advocate network, and communicate with your elected officials.



The USCCB opposes the Right to Contraception Act and the Respect for Marriage Act.


The USCCB supports policies which enact “radical solidarity” with women and families.


The USCCB supports strengthening the Child Tax Credit.


The USCCB opposes the Equality Act.


The USCCB supports the goals of, and calls for key life and liberty protections in, the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act.


The USCCB supports the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.


The USCCB supports the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act.


The USCCB opposes the addition of a provision redefining “sex” in the Paycheck Fairness Act.


The USCCB opposes a resolution to revive the Equal Rights Amendment.


The USCCB supports the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.


The USCCB supports the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act (Inclusion Act) which was re-introduced in both Houses in 2021.


The Conference commented on the Fairness for All Act.


The Conference commented on the Violence Against Women Act in 2019.


The Conference supported the First Amendment Defense Act:


The Conference supported the Healthy Relationships Act of 2017:


The Conference supported the Russell Amendment to HR 4909, the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2017.


Current legislative priorities for marriage (USCCB Office of Government Relations)



Three chairmen wrote a letter to the U.S. Attorney General on April 30, 2020 seeking steps to protect people from the pornography industry during the pandemic.



Amicus Briefs:

Resources related to the United States Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges (which redefined marriage):

Visit the USCCB Action Center to stay up-to-date on public policy issues, join our advocate network, and communicate with your elected officials. And visit the Office of Government Relations for the wider goals of USCCB advocacy.