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VIDEO: Bishop Cordileone's address to bishops' general assembly on promotion and defense of marriage

On Thursday, June 14, Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, chairman of the USCCB Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, delivered the above address to the U.S. bishops gathered in Atlanta for their biannual general assembly. He spoke about the current cultural situation, the catechetical efforts being advanced by the Subcommittee, impending legal and political issues, and a new social science study on children raised in various family structures.

Read the text of Bishop Cordileone’s speech here.

2 responses to “VIDEO: Bishop Cordileone's address to bishops' general assembly on promotion and defense of marriage”

  1. Mrs. Donna E. Crist says:

    Excellent presentation given by Bishop Cordlleone on the Defense of Marriage. I’m proud to be Catholic and married for 39 years. I just can’t believe or get over how fast the tables have turned from respect for marriage between one man & one women to it’s okay for same sex marriage. I know and believe in God Our Father’s most beautiful and perfect plan. It’s truly perfect holy love in it’s true form to bring life into the world. I’m praying that the hearts of America will wake up to the truth. I’m so proud and grateful to all our Bishops who are uniting strongly with the truth and speaking out on the Defense of Marriage. You are all so uplifting and inspiring. Keep up the great work that has begun! God Bless you all!
    Mrs. Donna E. Crist

    • BK says:

      You’re happy because you are straight. You have no freakin clue what it’s like to be homosexual. None whatsoever. You call it a perfect plan for you and your husband to be united in Marriage. What kind of a perfect “plan” is it from God that there be millions of homosexual people? Was that his perfect “plan” for them? Was that a “beautiful” plan for them as well??? Is it God’s “perfect plan” for the Catholic Church to offer very little(Only about 100 or so COURAGE groups in America) assistance to homosexuals struggling with same sex attraction? Is it God’s “perfect plan” to see to it that the root cause of homosexuality is never revealed? Or a cure for it? Why is this? Why do you suppose this is?

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