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Baptism Reversal: Made for Love Ep. 1 Show Notes

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I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Made for Love, with subcommittee chairman Bishop James D. Conley of Lincoln. Please subscribe on iTunes and tell your friends! This is a project of the staff of the USCCB who work for the Bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage.

Here’s an article about Jayd Henricks, who appears at the beginning of this episode:

USCCB’s Top Lobbyist Trades Political Realm for Parish Catechesis
by Dennis Sadowski, Dec 13, 2017
Catholic News Service

And here’s a fun article about Bishop Conley and an adventure in Ireland:

That Time a Bishop Hung Out on the Star Wars Island
by Mary Rezac, December 13, 2017
Catholic News Agency

Here’s a picture from Little League, when Bishop Conley and (now) Archbishop Coakley were on the same team:

Bishop Conley’s dad is on the far right!


When Love is Not Love: Made for Love Ep. 3 Show Notes

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Stacy and Nabil met in college. Their wedding day was the happiest day of Stacy’s life. But within a few years, they were divorced and Stacy was petitioning for an annulment. What happened? This episode explores the complex issue of annulment in the Catholic Church and features Stacy Thomlison, Fr. Bob Cannon of the Archdiocese of the Military Services, and Alice Heinzen, the marriage and family life director from the Diocese of La Crosse.

To learn more about the annulment process, speak to a priest at your local parish or call the marriage and family life director for your diocese. They will be able to listen to your story and help guide you.

To read up on Catholic teaching on annulments, head here for some FAQ’s:
There are links on the bottom of the article to Vatican documents about the annulment process, including the most recent revision that Pope Francis instituted. And here’s the USCCB webpage all about annulments.

Stacy is part of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, which is an effective evangelization ministry. I saw her give a talk to the National Council of Catholic Women, which was founded by the U.S. Bishops in 1920.

Here’s a story about Fr. Bob Cannon that gives more of his background (and a picture!)

Here are some articles that Alice Heinzen has written that you may be interested in:

Alice and her husband Jeff were able to speak to the bishops assembled in Rome for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in 2014. Read their testimony here:



When Love Meets Silence: Made for Love Ep. 2 Show Notes

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Terri and Vince met later in life and married with a vision of years of companionship ahead. This vision lasted only one month, when Vince started showing signs of an illness that there was no name for. Terri took care of Vince until he died seventeen years later, showing fidelity to her promises in a beautiful way. This episode includes Bishop Frank Caggiano, of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Fr. Scott Sina of the Diocese of Arlington, and Robert Mastrogiavanni, the President of the Well Spouse Association.

Terri has written a number of articles about her experience with caregiving. Here’s one with some pictures of her and Vince:

“I Married the Love of My Life—Then Immediately Became His Caregiver for 16 Years”
by Terri Corcoran as told to Abigail Cuffey, August 7, 2017
Women’s Day

And another with more details about Vince’s illness:

Life with FXTAS: Supporting a Spouse with Fragile X-Associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome

Here’s a link to the Well Spouse Association:
[Please note that this is not an endorsement of the organization.]