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Fortnight for Freedom, Day 9: Two handouts about marriage and religious freedom

The Fortnight for Freedom offers a number of helpful resources, websites, and downloadable handouts at its Educational Resources webpage. We encourage you to consult this page for the big picture about religious freedom and current challenges faced by it today.

We’d like to highlight two resources that speak specifically about the connection between marriage and religious freedom. These are both PDFs that can be downloaded, printed, and handed out at your parish, to family and friends, or in a classroom.

USCCB Fact Sheet: Forcing Religious Groups to Host Same-Sex “Marriage” Ceremonies (Summer 2012)

  • Part of the Fortnight for Freedom series “Religious Liberty Under Attack: A Concrete Example.” Read the rest of the flyers at the Educational Resources webpage.

FAQs: Religious Liberty and Marriage

Next: an open letter on marriage and religious freedom from ecumenical and interreligious leaders

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