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Sunday Pope Quote: John Paul II on the Family & the Trinity

Bl. John Paul II: Man’s need for truth and love opens him both to God and to creatures: it opens him to other people, to life “in communion”, and in particular to marriage and to the family. In the words of the Council, the “communion” of persons is drawn in a certain sense from the mystery of the Trinitarian “We”, and therefore “conjugal communion” also refers to this mystery. The family, which originates in the love of man and woman, ultimately derives from the mystery of God. This conforms to the innermost being of man and woman, to their innate and authentic dignity as persons.

Letter to Families, no. 8, emphasis added

One response to “Sunday Pope Quote: John Paul II on the Family & the Trinity”

  1. liz boulanger says:

    Thank you Pope Benedict for your insite to Marriage between one man and one woman. It is so beautiful how God created us. Let’s pray for those who can not see this beauty. Let’s pray for each and every one who cannot see it especially Obama!

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