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Friday Prayer: April 25

Intention: May our minds and hearts be always open to God so that we have the freedom to act in accordance with his will.*

Reflection: In a recent homily, Pope Francis encouraged the faithful to be vigilant in prayer that directs our hearts towards the Father.  The Holy Father warned the faithful about “a dictatorship of a narrow line of thought” that kills “people’s freedom, their freedom of conscience.”

These powerful words from the Pope serve as a wonderful reminder for all of us to remain steadfast in our faith despite worldly and cultural pressure to limit the practice of religion in daily life.  Being vigilant in prayer opens us up to dialogue with God and an ever greater union of love through the recognition that “there is something else, the possibility that God speaks to us, tells us about His journey,” according to the Holy Father.

Pope Francis concluded his homily by telling the faithful to “be humble and pray, that the Lord always gives us the freedom of an open heart, to receive his Word which is joy and promise and covenant!  And with this covenant move forward!”

Did You Know?: Friday continues the Octave of Easter, which ends this Sunday with Divine Mercy Sunday.  In his Easter Sunday homily, Pope Francis encouraged the faithful to re-read the accounts of the Resurrection this week.

* Note on fasting: In these days of the Easter Octave, we rejoice in the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and continue to join in prayer for the building up of a culture of life, marriage, and religious liberty.  Since each day of the Easter Octave is observed as a solemnity, it is not appropriate to fast on Easter Friday.

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