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Made for Love Ep 4: When Love Means Leaving (Domestic Abuse) Show Notes

The fourth episode of “Made for Love” addresses domestic abuse and a Catholic response.

Here’s the synopsis:
When Love Means Leaving (Feb. 1)
Domestic violence is a tragic reality in families today. The bishops issued a statement on domestic violence over 20 years ago (“When I Call for Help”), but many people do not know what the Church’s teaching is. Some people mistakenly believe that they must stay in an abusive situation. This episode features Denise, Kathy Bonner, Fr. Chuck Dahm, OP, and the founder of Catholics for Family Peace, Sharon O’Brien.

Here are some links and notes about this topic:

2 responses to “Made for Love Ep 4: When Love Means Leaving (Domestic Abuse) Show Notes”

  1. Sara,
    You have provided a crucial gift to people dealing with domestic abuse and their family and friends seeking ways to help.

    You are a gifted interviewer and podcast organizer. I don’t regularly listen to podcasts but what a great medium to provide people with information. I like how you shared facts and then interview remarks.

    We are grateful that you interviewed us at Catholics For Family Peace. We deeply admire how you surrounded our remarks with real-life stories, the Bishop’s statement, and Fr. Dahm’s insights amidst beautiful music. The additional resources listed on the page here are very helpful.

    We will continue to promote this podcast because it is a realistic depiction of dv challenges while offering the real hope, help, and healing that is possible.
    God bless you for using your talents to spread this important message.

  2. Miriam says:

    Re: Domestic Violence…I think we need to show support for these women, and men can also be abused. It is sad when people act like they don’t see you, in your hour of need. I know it is unpleasant but we need to respond to the hurting and abused, there should not be any shame in giving them love and hope. I was very disappointed to see only 6 “likes” for the “made for love” post that MPB posted on FB. What are we as a community, if we cannot help those who are in need? Battered and abused, emotionally, and or financially and physically, and facing untold traumas…and trying to leave safely and so they can survive to care for their children…it breaks my heart.

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