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Made for Love Ep 23: Catholic, Divorced

Catholics who are divorced go through a hard process, and can feel forgotten, marginalized, or unwanted at our parishes. How can we make sure that is not the case?  This episode features Rose Sweet of Divorce Healing and Surviving Divorce, Patty Breen, Brad Grey, and Fr. Steve Porter.

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Patty Breen has written a few pieces on divorce for Blessed is She and Catholic Match Institute, such as: “3 Myths about Catholics and Divorce” and “How to Navigate the Worst Days After Divorce”

2 responses to “Made for Love Ep 23: Catholic, Divorced”

  1. Ellen Jasinski says:

    Sara, thank you for this episode. I always enjoy and get a lot out of your podcast, but this one made me finally leave a comment. Thank you for this call to compassion. So helpful and powerful and important.

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