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Made for Love Ep 41: The Four Temperaments

Do you know the four temperaments? Which one are you? Today we focus on the temperaments and marriage. Some temperament matches are going to be “easier” than others, but no matter what temperaments you and your spouse have, you can still help each other get to heaven! This episode features Art and Laraine Bennett, the authors of The Temperament God Gave You (and others), Nick and Lucy van Schaijik, and Brady and Sarah Wilson.

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One response to “Made for Love Ep 41: The Four Temperaments”

  1. Laraine Bennett says:

    Great show! Thank you, Sara, for having us on the podcast! And, just to set the record straight, Lucy is 50/50 choleric/sanguine but compared to Nick, she is more sanguine! They both have that choleric tough-mindedness and natural magnanimity (the latter virtue is shown in the wedding story!)

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