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Made for Love Ep 46: Parents, the Primary Educators

What does the Church mean when it insists that parents are the primary educators of their children? Today we’ll talk about some of the different ways that Catholic families engage in education, from homeschooling to co-ops to Catholic schools to public schools. This episode features Mary Pat Donoghue, Executive Director for the Secretariat of Education at the USCCB, Tom Burnford, President and CEO of the National Catholic Educational Association, Jay Boren of St. Benedict in MA, Sara and Andy Sefranek, and Lindsay Schlegal, author of Don’t Forget to Say Thank You: And Other Parenting Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God.

Here’s Lindsay Schlegal’s website with more of her writing!

And this is a link to St. Benedict Classical Academy, the school that Jay Boren runs in MA.

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2 responses to “Made for Love Ep 46: Parents, the Primary Educators”

  1. Susan Porter says:

    I love this Podcast! Here are a few suggestions for future topics that I think might work well: Choosing Godparents and the role they play; Making decisions about and caring for elder parents, vocation discernment, Integrating finances and making monetary decisions as a married couple, Pre-planning for funerals and end of life decisions, widowhood, pilgrimages, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, stewardship

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