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Ep. 113: Human Ecology part 2 plus Lady Bird

Our conversation on human ecology continues with Dr. Jennifer Frey, who dives deeper into the mind of the Church and the work of the Institute for Human Ecology. Then (19:15), we celebrate Mother’s Day with Kara by talking about Lady Bird. The prestigious 2017 movie has a surprisingly nuanced take on family life and love-related wounds, without turning its nose up at Christianity.

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Institute for Human Ecology

Sacred & Profane Love podcast

Rerum Novarum by Leo XIII

Centesimus Annus by John Paul II (37-39)

2011 Address to the German parliament by Benedict XVI

Laudato Si by Francis (155)

Lady Bird
Made for LoveCheck out the cool way this image from the movie is composed, with Our Lady of Guadalupe in the background right next to Christine.

Made for Love

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