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Made for Love Ep 55: Remarriage after Death

Posted Feb. 13, 2020 by DOM 1 comment

When Catholics marry, they promise to be together “as long as we both shall live.” Death brings about the end of a marriage, and the other partner is free to marry again. Today we’ll hear the stories of men and women who have married after losing their first spouse to death. The episode features Randy and Lucy Hines and Andy and Beth Huseman.

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Made for Love Ep 35: When It’s All Too Much: Suicide and the Family

Posted Mar. 28, 2019 by DOM No comments yet

Catholic families are not immune from tragedy. Today Made for Love addresses the heartbreaking reality of suicide. The episode features Chris Miller, Tommy Tighe, and Sister Colleen Ann Nagle, FSE.

Here’s the Franciscan Life Process Center, where Sr. Colleen Ann has done the retreats mentioned on the podcast.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is: 1-800-273-8255

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